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Due to current COVID-19 safety we are currently running reduced numbers in the campsite. It is essential that you book in advance as we are booking out every weekend for camping.

Max group size inthe campground is currently 10 due to covidsafe plans in place.


We are now FULLY BOOKED for the following dates for both cabins and campsites

20th and 21st Novemeber 2020

27th and 28th November 2020

4th and 5th December 2020

11th and 12th December 2020

19th and 20th December 2020

Dec 26th 2020 – Jan 11th 2021 

14th, 15th and  16th January 2021

22nd and 23rd January 2021

**Cabins are fully booked out on weekends for the rest of the year